Types of embroidery Indian Fashion Trends For Women

Types of embroidery Indian Fashion Trends For Women

India is a fantastic country with embroidery different cultures. Each state displays its own uniqueness, whether you wear a saree or the way they design their jewelry. What are the types of clothing that are common among Indian women? These mainly constitute: fashion style and trends

1. The Indian sari

Most preferred by women in general in Indian society. A large piece of fabric is cover in different styles depending on the condition it is in. The Indian saree is a representation of grace and beauty. This outfit is also the dress of choice among Indian brides.

2. The Indian Kurti

Kurtis / tunics/blouses are a popular type of dress prefer by young Indians. They are kurtas or knee-length blouses that match pants or skirts.

3. Lehengas

Lehengas are generally used on special occasions such as engagements or party. They usually have a lot of work on them with beading and embroidery.

4. Skirts

Long skirts and coats are also becoming popular in the northern states. Another trend that is slowly increasing is the use of silk saree skirts and coats.

Indian jewelry is a must-have for any Indian woman. Its appearance is not complete unless and until it is pair with the right accessories. Gold earrings, bracelets, and ankles are very popular. Indian women adorn a heavy set of earrings and necklaces during weddings and other special occasions and add more sparkle to the event.


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