Redwork Embroidery

A Brief History of Redwork Embroidery

Redwork Embroidery is an almost forgotten handicraft that, together with other traditional crafts, enjoy a revival of interest. It first became popular in the late 1870s and was an innovative redwork embroidery style that changed the seven worlds forever.   For years, redwork embroidery was consider a trade for the rich. Silk thread was the

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embroidery needles

Crewel Embroidery Needles and Other Sundries

Crewel Embroidery Needles and Other Sundries High-quality embroidery needles are expensive but are worth more than the investment because they will make your work a pleasure. Carefully made embroidery needles have small imperfections that can catch your fabric and threads from previous stitches. The larger the number, the smaller / finer the needle (millions are

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Types of Embroidery – An Old Fashion

Types of Embroidery – An Old Fashion This office is implemented as simple steps embroidery as serious borders. In the era in which England began to have exchange relations with India, the stylists and borders integrated into the tribulation began with salvage elements inspired in the Orient. If you can get a model, the most

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zardozi embroidery

Types of Indian Embroideries

Types of Indian Embroideries India is a diversified country that has a wide range of zardozi embroidery cultures and customs. Indian arts and crafts have become world-famous. Here remains an enormous request aimed at Indian overstated clothes. There are a wide variety of embroideries made in India, here are some of them that are more

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quilt embroidery

Throw Embroidery and the Boundless Selections

Throw Embroidery and the Boundless Selections In 2012, the game is call Quilt Embroidery! Well, detector or detector they meant for me. While I am a skilled quilter, it is easy to see the embroidery machine. When making quilts, there are many techniques and lessons, from simple patchwork to intricate appliqué. Base splicing and English

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