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The world would be different without industrial sewing Machines Work. There are some machines and equipment that make a difference; Together with the car, computers and countless other innovations. The sewing machine has managed to transform something cumbersome and slow into something easier and much faster. Mechanized machines allowed manufacturers to produce a significant amount of clothing with less cost and time. This technology gave millions of people the opportunity to buy high quality fine sewn clothes that were something of a luxury a century ago. fashion style and trends

automated mechanisms Embroidery

The automated mechanisms in these machines are quite simple. Although the machine itself seems complicated as it is based on a set of motors, pulleys and gears. The sewing machine is nothing less than an absolutely ingenious tool created. In fact, these machines are something like cars; There are currently several models on the market which vary considerably in terms of performance and price.


There are industrial sewing machine connect to computers capable of producing massive job. And other types of machines for household use.


Clothing and textile companies have several machines to choose from. Including streamline model that are specifically make to create specific product. Despite the different model, however, the machine are built around an idea; there is a sewing system that is the heart of the machine and does all the work.

Separates hand sewing machine Embroidery

This is also what separates hand sewing from the sewing machine. When we sew by hand. We pass the thread through the two pieces of cloth. From one side to the other and vice versa; in this way the thread connects the two pieces and goes into and leaves the fabric.


While this may be an easy task to do by hand. A sewing machine cannot do it. Therefore the task must be perform in a different way. The machines pass the needle partially through the fabric; the eye of the needle is behind the sharp part and not at the end, as in typical needles. There is a needle bar that is driven up and down by a particular motor that work with cams and gear.

Industrial sewing machines

When the sharp point passes through the fabric. There is a small thread loop that runs from one side to the other; in this case, however, there is a small mechanism under the fabric that grips the loop and wraps it around another loop or thread on the same piece of fabric. Industrial sewing machines have different types of stitches that work in a completely different way.

Modern advanced machines come with built-in computers and small screens that ensure smoother operation; These computers can control different types of motors. Which can move the needle bar. Feeder and washer as well as other parts and elements on the machine. Some of these machines have the ability to create simple or more complicated embroidery patterns. As they have a fully motorized work area that holds the fabric in place under the needle assembly.

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