How to Redwork Embroidery

Redwork Embroidery is a fun and easy embroidery style that is perfect for beginners. A thread color and only a few stitch are use to outline smart but simple design. If you are new to networking, there are some tips to get you start. fashion style and trends


Traditional red work Embroidery


12 weight cotton yarn. You only need one string to work on the design. Although traditional red work was all done with red dental floss, feel free to use other dental floss colors such as blue, purple or green.


Embroidery needles. You will want a needle with an eye large enough for several threads and a sharp point in size 10 or 11. These needles are much easier to thread if you use a cheap thread thread.


A non-slip embroidery frame is recommend.


A pre-print pattern on cotton fabric get you start in no time. There are many to choose from, and they often come in collections with seven or eight similar designs. Ideal for use in a tea towel or as blocks for a wall-hanging duvet. If you want to be truly authentic, you need to soak your fabric in strong tea or coffee to give it an aged and worn look. Just make sure it is completely dry before you start embroidering.

Redwork Embroidery seams


There are five basic stitches used in red work, and each one is easy to make.


The regular nail is a simple insert and extension that leaves an even space between each nail. This is equivalent to a broken white line on a road.


Backstitches are, as the name suggests. A series of stitch in which the needle is raise before the last stitch and then reposition through the hole make by the previous stitch.


The stem or outline is knitt from left to right accordingly by making small. Straight seams side by side along the design line.


Kensington or split stitches work as a back stitch, except that it appears accordingly in the middle of the previous stitch by splitting it. It look like a chain when it’s do.

Redwork embroidery frame

The French knot is use to add detail such as eyes, strawberry seed or other small round detail. This is do by twisting the needle through the thread and then inserting. It close to where the thread first came out.

Redwork embroidery can be frame as individual works of art or combine with other redwork block and use for a lovely vintage quilt accordingly or wall hanging. Squares work well as pockets for children’s clothes or as blocks for aprons, tea towels or pillows. They also make attractive scrapbook decorations.

Creating handmade treasures that will be love and pass on from generation to generation has never been easier.

A Brief History of Redwork Embroidery


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