art form

Embroidery Designs By Needle

Embroidery Designs By Needle Bordado is one of the most interest manuals that can be make at home and is enjoy from time to time. Enable to convert to an ancient art form, sigue being very popular. He has some important things that he added to the technology that he changed and improved the board

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satin punctuation

Silk and Cotton Hand Embroidery

Silk and Cotton Hand Embroidery Five thousand years ago, antiquity and the Imperial Chinese satin punctuation Princess discovered the secret of the fiber of seda. The capillary of the cayenne cauliflower accidentally in a cup of tea. And when it is collect. It dissolve to reveal a brilliant filament that is sufficiently. Make to be

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geographical and cultural

The Ancestries of Hand Embroidery

The Ancestries of Hand Embroidery He discovered the remains of Cro-Magnon’s barracks. Which live geographical and cultural in Russia 32,000 years old. Possibly a pebble decorated with pearls. The first choice of ornamental print. The debate that the need for an adorned utility of the teles. Will be utilize by its universal. The board is

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cross point

Many Kinds Of Hand Embroidery

Many Kinds Of Hand Embroidery If you have boarded. You are involve in the form in cross-point. Which you can push the man or the machine. The costume is mano is the most difficult and has two types of costume. It is much more difficult to use a machine to be comfortable and can take

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Hand Embroidery For Novices

Hand Embroidery For Novices Bordeaux is a special type of art that consists of bordados and motives. This art is integrate into the person and can not be learn. But if anyone is interest in dominating this species, then the joy for creativity, imagination, and manners for practice is very important. This is a board

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design and mano

Hand Embroidery Patterns Are Complicated Designs

Hand Embroidery Patterns Are Complicated Designs The art of bordado has been a popular design and mano since its inception. Including today, many people practice this art as they move to earn money. With technological development, this art form has changed and also increased. Digital machines help you quickly and easily earn money. Pero the

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floral motifs

Hand Embroidery Designs Your Creativity to Flow

Hand Embroidery Designs Your Creativity to Flow The motives for boarding and manning are beautiful floral motifs but difficult to do. Implicit style and designs of embroidery complexions and intricacies are detach, especially when use the appropriate and color of Hilo. All designs are very important to determine the elegance and beauty of the work

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boarding machine

Hand Embroidery Vs Machine Embroidery

Hand Embroidery Vs Machine Embroidery If it is in the negotiation of the border, it can be a difficult decision. ┬┐Subcontracted your work for the board or mano contracted a boarding machine for the machine to do the work? We offer the pros and cons of both options. Benefits of boarding a mano 1) The

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infantile rope design

Hand Embroidery Kids’ Clothes

Hand Embroidery Kids’ Clothes The infantile ropa decorated with borders a mano is as infantile rope design adequate as the ropa de fiesta and casual. The range of points and patterns of embroidery available and the large scale of this decorative recipient has lived up to a large number of years the attractive and the

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